The TEAM Coalition is currently working with Congress on behalf of millions of our nation’s heroes to introduce legislation that:

  • Establishes an appointment commission that can trigger studies to further the knowledge base of this issue.
  • Ensures the VA will enter into an agreement with national academy of science to review information and explore the issue of toxic exposure.
  • Encourages the VA to look at information from VA and DOD medical records, toxic exposure records, and analyze this data to identify those who would be in high risk groups.
  • Adds to the standard VA patient questionnaire, conducted during primary care visits, questions that are specific to toxic exposure.
  • Develops a portal for veterans so they can access Individual Longitudinal Exposure Record (ILER).
  • Extends training for healthcare professionals.
  • Establishes a lung cancer screening system that is currently in place with other federal entities.

As progress is made on Capitol Hill, we will update you here.

Legislation We're Watching:


The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) created heat maps, funded by WWP, showing the potential risks to troops exposed to toxicants in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait. Click here to view the maps and complete study.